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House of Fusion has been supplying quality content to the ColdFusion community for as long as there's been a ColdFusion community. If you have a question, just ask it on the ColdFusion Technical Talk (CF-Talk) list and you're sure to get an answer. If you have a job to offer or need one, the ColdFusion Jobs (CF-Jobs) list is the place for you. There are even more specific Groups / Mailing Lists dealing with topics such as SQL, Adobe Flex 2.0, Regular Expressions and more.

You can even talk directly to the site owner, Michael Dinowitz. He's been doing ColdFusion since before it was released and is more than happy to handle your high end problems or even do some spot training to help you out.

ColdFusion Builder - Official ColdFusion IDE announced

At Max 2008, Adobe announced the development of a new ColdFusion IDE, codenamed Bolt ColdFusion Build. Based on Eclipse, this IDE has all of the features that can be expected from a professional programming tool. A list of these features can be found on the official Bolt section of Adobe Labs. While the release date has not been announced, a Bolt section on RIAForge was set up and already has content. In addition, there is a new ColdFusion Builder mailing list on House of Fusion for people who have questions, comments, or anything else to say about the product.
More information coming soon.

New JQuery Mailing List

JQuery is becoming very popular with the ColdFusion community and where there's a need for information, there's a resource from House of Fusion. The new JQuery mailing list mailing list is up, running and already staffed with experts in the use of JQuery and ColdFusion. If you're using this combination or plan to, join up and profit from the knowledge of others.

Railo Mailing List

Just a reminder that there is a Railo mailing list on House of Fusion. While not as high traffic as the Google list, it does give you a one stop shop for all of your ColdFusion related needs when combined with ColdFusion Talk and the other local mailing lists.

CFScript Tutorial available in Tutorials section

If you've ever wanted to learn CFSCRIPT, this is the place to do it. This hands on, step by step tutorial walks you through each code statement available in CFSCRIPT and lets you see how it works. Complete examples are included.

The ColdFusion Community Search is waiting for you

House of Fusion has a new search engine and it's focused on the ColdFusion community. The ColdFusion Community Search is available from every page of the site and is loaded with over 2,500 ColdFusion sites for your searching pleasure. Why worry about getting a relevant search return from when you can get a targeted one from House of Fusion (using the same technology).
For those interested in adding their site to the search engine, either send the url to me directly or join up as a contributor. The site you add will only strengthen the community as a whole

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