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Welcome to the House of Fusion ColdFusion and Technical mailing lists. These lists are all designed to make the life of ColdFusion programmers easier.

To sign up to a mailing list, just select the list you want and press the subscribe button on the list control bar that comes up. Note:

  • you must be signed into the House of Fusion system to subscribe to a list
  • You can only post using the address that you have signed up with
  • The lists do not allow attachments and will only accept HTML mail that also has a text portion.

List Descriptions

ColdFusion Technical Talk (CF-Talk)
The premiere ColdFusion technical mailing list. A question asked here will be answered by one of many ColdFusion experts from the community or even by people from Adobe itself. No off topic posts allowed.
ColdFusion Community (CF-Community), ColdFusion Off Topic (CF-OT), & Adobe-Talk
If you have a non-technical post you want to make, these are the lists for you. CF-Community is a high volume list where community members talk about everything from politics to religion to news to muffins. For those who want to post without joining the chaos that is the community list, CF-OT is for you. The Adobe Talk list is for those who want to talk specifically about the makers of ColdFusion (and so much more).
ColdFusion Jobs (CF-Jobs) & ColdFusion Jobs Talk (CF-Jobs-Talk)
The CF-Jobs list is for employers to post job offers and job seekers to post their availability. Any talk about the job market or issues related to jobs should be posted to the CF-Jobs-Talk list.
ColdFusion Newbie(CF-Newbie)
New to ColdFusion? Want to ask questions that you feel are too "low level" for CF-Talk? This is the list for you.
CF-Server, CF-Linux, & CF-Mac
If you have a specific question about the ColdFusion server or any other server technology that might be used with ColdFusion, the CF-Server list is for you. The CF-Linux and CF-Mac lists are for ColdFusion issues particular to those platforms.
Flex & CF-Flash
If you want to go beyond HTML for user interface, Flex is the way to go. With the release of Flex 2.0, the link between it and ColdFusion is stronger than ever. The CF-Flash list is for non-Flex, Flash related issues such as Flash Remoting and other ways in which Flash is used with ColdFusion.
AJaX, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, & XML
Ajax is the new darling of the user interface world and we have a list that covers it. This list is also used to discuss various Ajax frameworks like CFAjax and AjaxCFC. In addition, we have list dealing with other "must know" internet technologies directly related to Ajax. You can't (or shouldn't) write a site today without knowing and using CSS. Javascript is the defacto scripting language for client side scripting on the internet and XML is almost the standard for data formatting. These are more general than the other ColdFusion lists but are still a must for the professional ColdFusion developer.
ColdFusion started out as a language to take information from a database and put it on the web. The only way to do this is to use SQL and this list is dedicated to all forms of the SQL language on all platforms.
Regular Expressions (RegEx)
Regular Expressions are a powerful way to do text matching and replacing. While it's simple to use, the syntax can get confusing to new users. Ask a RegEx guru to help you out here.
ColdFusion Eclipse (CFEclipse)
Eclipse is a powerful open source editor and CFEclipse is the plug-in to make it do all the things that a ColdFusion developer needs.
If you want to do your code right, you need to unit test it. The CFUnit software allows you to do this in ColdFusion and the CFUnit list allows you to connect to fellow users to ask questions and help grow the product.

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