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My First Apollo App

Rick Root
05/09/2007 01:24 PM

I'm attempting to do my first apollo app by converting an existing Flex 2 app that uses Flex Remoting. I followed the instructions for setting up an apollo project, modified the mx:ApolloApplication attributes as I needed, and then copied everything in from my old mxml file (obviously except the mx:Application tag) Then I hit the debug button to run it... I got an error when attempting to access the remote object: Channel.Connect.Failed error : NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url: 'https://odeUtility-debug.swf/flex2gateway/" It's pretty clear that it's got the URL for the flex2gateway wrong, but I don't know why.  It's very intersting that the "C" from the beginning of the swf name (it should be CodeUtility-debug.swf) is missing.. although it shouldn't be in the URL at all, should it? I'm using flex builder to compile.  The app works fine as a web app (see here, Thanks. Rick -- CFMBB - Coldfusion Message Boards, Version 1.21 Now Available!

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