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Macromedia is HORRIBLE

03/03/2004 03:42 PM

>Yeah, but what if someone quotes something I said? For that matter, what >if I start a thread, couldn't all responses be interpreted as some form >of inadvertent communication? Sort of a feng shui thing? > >Li (Don) Chunshen raises a number of metaphysical and epistemological >points with his message, all clustered around the nature of man in the >universe. I am beginning to see why he took offense at my comments, >geniuses are often testy and it is clear Li (Don) Chunshen is no >exception. > >The only way I could possibly eliminate all forms of communication with >Li (Don) Chunshen would be stop communicating altogether, but this is an >existential uncertainty in itself. Any action I take to not communicate >would cause other actions, other people would know of it and possibly >react themselves, and the act of initiating an ending of commincation >could become a form of communication. The only option is to not act, but >there is no man who cannot act; breathing is an act! Certainly killing >myself is no better an option than to not communicate, as it could >itself set off a chain of events resulting in Li (Don) Chunshen >eventually being communicated with. > >There is no choice in the world. I am beginning to see what it is he is >trying to demonstrate to us all. What a sublime point, and how full of >truth it is. Nothing is without consequence, and we must act even if it >is only make a choice not to act. Freedom, dignity, the idea of the >self, the world around us are all meaningless concepts. There is only >communication, and specifically there is only Li (Don) Chunshen at the >center of it all. > >It's like looking at a ball - you know it is round, but you can only see >one face of it at a time. You never grasp the whole of what you are >saying or what you are doing, just the immediate appearance of what it >is before you. Writing this message, I am setting off a chain of >causality that could have consequences for people in Europe, Asia, >whatever planet Li (Don) Chunshen comes from, etc. > >Wow... Li (Don) Chunshen is really deep. > >The eye of the circle in the square of the universe shall be revealed >through being in itself outwith complete in and around all things. > >Li (Don) Chunshen Bless, >M Your analysis of Li (Don) Chunsen is a good start, but I think in order for us to really understand who Li (Don) Chunsen is, we have to ask where Li (Don) Chunsen came from. You see, Li (Don) Chunsen was born the son of a poor potato farmer in Kazakhstan. He was good at farming, but he knew at a young age that there was more to life than growing potatoes. He held a secret resentment for his father because of the vigorous and poor lifestyle he was born into. Li (Don) Chunsen would spend his free time at the library reading about religion, marxism, war, and potato technology. Li (Don) Chunsen was very observant and very well read. With his vast knowledge of potatoes and technology, he began experimenting in his father's barn. One day, while doing a quantum chemical simulation of the reaction between potato and methyldioxide with an aluminum catalyst, he discovered that he could extract hydrogen from potatoes with an efficiency rate of 99%. He finally found what he was looking for, he was going to save the planet! He approached his father with his findings, smiling and joyfull, but his father was disgusted. He told Li (Don) Chunsen that the key to happiness was inside, and that he should give up his experiments and to stop trying to seek a more worldly life. Li (Don) Chunsen was furious. He stormed off to the barn to find the potato gun he had built as a frustrated goth teenager. He even put all his old make-up on, spiked his hair with gel, and put on the old trench coat. He returned to the house with the gun and then killed his father with the same crop his father spent his whole life teaching Li (Don) Chunsen how to grow so well. Li (Don) Chunsen is known to have yelled, "How do you like your potatoes now... b1tch?" Li (Don) Chunsen, disgruntled and deranged, returned to the barn and continued his research. What he then found would be the ultimate turning point from Li (Don) Chunsen's goodwill to the forces of evil. The 1% bi-product from the potato->hydrogen conversion process is something Li (Don) Chunsen called "ICE". Li (Don) Chunsen decided to inject a large dose of the ICE into his arm and what resulted was a high that surpassed even the best uncut columbian cocaine. Lukoil, an oil company in Russia, just north of Li (Don) Chunsen, caught wind of a poor farmer experimenting with potato fuel sources in Kazakhstan. They sent their best thugs from the Russian mafia. It was too late though. Li (Don) Chunsen, deciding not to release his energy discovery after having to kill his father and after becoming addicted to ICE, moved to California to sell his ICE and produce 50 cent's music videos. 50 cent is actually one of the head capos in Li (Don) Chunsen's ICE syndicate - it's a perfect match. All of this is of course done under the guise of developing web applications for some silly New Media company in San Diego. This is why his posts may seem baseless - he really doesn't want an answer, he just needs to put up a front to distract Lukoil from catching on to his location. :)

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