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Display memo fields

07/22/2002 09:20 AM

We went for a similar approach using SOEditor...  Quite good... Easy enough to envoke Mark Stephenson New Media Director Evolution Internet T: 0870 757 1631 F: 0870 757 1632 W: E: This email, together with any attachments, is for the exclusive and confidential use of the addressee(s).  Any other distribution, use or reproduction without the sender's prior consent is unauthorised and strictly prohibited.  If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender by email immediately and delete the message from your computer without making any copies. Hello, We ended up using ActiveEdit from to have our users be able to format the text exactly how they wanted it to appear.  The html is stored in the memo field in the database and then call it when we want the text(html) Thanks.........Rob Walters Imaira Digital Media Does anyone know how to display a memo field from a database with the actual line breaks as it is set up in the database? When I display the text in a textfield using paragraphformat(string) it is displayed correctly, but it does not work outside the textfield. Hope someone can help me... Sigvart Overstrom

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