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06/02/2006 01:00 PM

on a mac in dw you can move the panes anywhere you want them on a pc you can choose the older "hs coder view" instead of designer view and its more like hs is. ~Dave the disruptor~ Here is the stuff that is holding me back... And please, someone let me know if this can be done in Eclipse and I just can't figure it out: 1. The large box for extended search/replace. 2. The split directory / file view... I rather dislike the dreamweaveresque view of everything one left in one loooooooong window. 3. The right-click on a CFInclude and option "Edit included template"... HUGELY awesome. 4. The ability to CTRL+SHIFT+TAB through the different tabs of homesite (not sure if eclipse can do this). ....................... Ben Nadel I'm right there with you. I really, really like CFEclipse, but it's just missing a couple little things that keep me on HS+. I've even gotten to where I do all of my PHP in HS+ too. And ah what I wouldn't give for an HS+ version that would run on a mac. I have to either use Eclipse, or run VirtualPC just to work from home. ****************************** Ken Ferguson 214.636.6126 ****************************** Ben Nadel wrote: > Rey, > > I'm witchu. Why change if you don't have to. I use Homesite 5.5 (or is it > +). Can't remember. All I know is every time I try to switch to Eclipse it > lacks several of the very things that I love most about Homesite. I have > attached the CF tag updates for Homesite. Not sure if they will work for > studio, but it might. > > > > Just in case any one gets all touchy, these are not my files, I did not > write them, and I am sorry if I have put them somewhere for public use > without permissions. > > ....................... > Ben Nadel > > > Yep I still use CF Studio 5 for my development and I'm not ashamed to admit > that I love it as an editor. It does exactly what I need and in the way I > need doesn't have the latest tag updates for tag insight, > "edit current tag" option or the docs. > > Anyone know if there's an update to that? > > Rey... > > > >

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