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Dawson, Michael
06/02/2006 01:30 PM

I have to agree.  I have yet to see a compelling reason for me to switch to CFE.  I used HS, then CFS, then HS+ for years.  Only last fall, I decided to switch to DW8 just to see how it has been improved.  Yes, there is some bloat, but the best damn feature, in my opinion, is when you type a "</" and DW will smartly close the inner-most open tag. I did give CFE a try a while back.  My first impression was "HS and DW don't require me to install a JRE just to run the program."  Sorry, but I just haven't yet caught on to the Java-based, open-everywhere platform that is Eclipse.  But don't judge me by my choice of editor.  I just don't have the same requirements as the majority of people that use CFE. And, personally, I like having separate tools that concentrate on particular tasks.  I like HS+, TopStyle and FeedDemon, just because of this. Heck, why not have a Photoshop plug-in for Eclipse? I will add that I think the CFE project and development teams have done an outstanding job, but CFE is just not for me at this time and I am not embarrassed to admit it. M!ke It may worry the hell out of my wife sometimes, but I've certainly never had a problem giving up older for younger and newer! I don't, however, think that this has anything to do with using cfstudio or HS+. HS+ is simply the best thing out there in a lot of our opinions. It doesn't bog the whole world down like DW always does and CFE seems to sometimes do. It doesn't ever crash or die and it does everything a good, strong, non-wysiwyg type of developer could ever need it to do. It's just got no real downside that I've ever been able to find. I don't ever find myself wishing it had this feature or that one or wishing it could do something else... --Ferg

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