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Peterson, Chris
06/02/2006 02:15 PM

For my $.02, go and download the latest Flex beta 3 from here: Add InterAkt's site to add JsEclipse support (very nice .js editor with tag insight and night highlighting, and free): Add in CFEclipse's update site and install the latest cfeclipse. I have been using the Adobe flex builder now since Beta1, and I like it a lot better than the vanilla Eclipse install.  Plus, I can tool around with Flex, which is totally awesome too. Have fun! Chris I can understand moving to CFEclipse over homesite, but I have never felt that DW offered anything over Homesite (in the way that I use it). All this talk has made me want to give it another shot (with Eclipse) .... Again Does anyone know if there is a plugin that will allow me to create a split directory view like Homesite/studio where the directory is on the top, files on the bottom? I find it a much more efficient way to navigate. ....................... Ben Nadel " I agree. I tried CFEclipse once and bagged it, but later I told myself that I was just making excuses. I forced myself to use it for a few weeks and then I didn't want to go back. Plus, that forced me to really find out if CFEclipse could do the things I kept telling myself I couldn't live without, and I found that it often could. I've now been using CFE as my default IDE for well over a year. " Remember back when dw mx came out and we had these same discussions on here and the same things were said then, once they forced themselfs to use it for a week most didnt want to go back. ~Dave the disruptor~

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