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06/02/2006 02:49 PM

No it doesnt but it just seems like a lot of people and companies are getting behind the eclipse project and that's were we are headed. Personally I am not yet thrilled with eclipse since I do a lot of css-p stuff and dw rocks over eclipse there and I am used to dw's ftp where it uploads on save and I am perfectly happy with dw but I can see the change coming so I am working it in now. Plus the cfc stuff in cfe is really nice, im sure sometime soon we'll have model-glue and this and that with plugins and it will make us more efficiant. We are in a business that moves forward on a daily basis and I personally think if you stay sitting and comfy with old tools you will be left behind. Of course that depends on your individual job but you never know. ~Dave the disruptor~ Well said. Also, as Dave mentioned, there probably will be a time when I am forced to switch, but that doesn't mean that CFE will be my only choice. M!ke "When you got hs and topstyle and this and that all opened you are probably using more system resources that if you just have dw open." I agree, for people who use several programs. But there's the kicker, I don't use all that other crap. I open HS and I do my work. I'm not one for using topstyle; I know how to write css. I'm not one for using some js or php specific IDE, I know how to write them. My whole point is that I don't want things like that open whether it's several programs or one monster that tries to be all things. I'm not trying to talk anyone out of using DW or CFE. They're both great, for what they are. I'm just saying that there's no need to ditch HS just because there are newer IDEs out there. --Ferg

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