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ColdFusion Studio 5

06/02/2006 03:59 PM

Thats fine but I hate to tell y'all that cf studio is gone and it aint comin back..... And all this dw is such a hog... you know really its not, here is a screenshot of my activities dw is taking up barely anymore than firefox and eclipse runs at about half of dw, this is on a mac but still, if you have a half way decent puter from the last few years (not from when cfstudio came out) then it isnt too bad. Hell even my old mac mini ran it just fine. And the rest of your problems are in the settings. Use cfstudio, more power to ya. ~Dave the disruptor~ I have used CFEclipse for some time and I just don't like's not very intuitive and I don't like how it forces you into a file system of it's choosing...I don't like it on DW...though at least their files system is a bit more friendly. I started using it at work when DW wouldn't properly save files and we had to actually open he files in notepad then save them again to get the web server to recognize them...not sure what DW was doing to them. I just don't like the set up or the interface. It is a very clumsy and non-intuitive interface. I could do without the tag editors that DW has, though they are a time saver...especially with tags that I don't use very often. It's just lacking. The only thing it has going for it is that it is free. DW is a hog...that is for sure...I have more than enough memory and cpu real estate. I still think it takes too long to load and save files, plus some of the other quirks that develop from time to time do get on my nerves. It's no wonder though, since Dreamweaver was originally designed for Mac users and not for programmers. I want Cold Fusion Studio back. That was the best tool ever designed for CF development. Eric " I agree. I tried CFEclipse once and bagged it, but later I told myself that I was just making excuses. I forced myself to use it for a few weeks and then I didn't want to go back. Plus, that forced me to really find out if CFEclipse could do the things I kept telling myself I couldn't live without, and I found that it often could. I've now been using CFE as my default IDE for well over a year. " Remember back when dw mx came out and we had these same discussions on here and the same things were said then, once they forced themselfs to use it for a week most didnt want to go back. ~Dave the disruptor~

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