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ColdFusion Studio 5

06/02/2006 04:12 PM

im not doing it because everyone is doing it, im doing because I can see where all this is heading and if you cant see that then there really is nothing i can say to change that, its kinda like staying on cfm 4.5 and not getting all the new goodies of cfmx 7. But why I even said anything anyways is because we always have discussions like this on here where the old dogs wont learn new tricks and then when its not supported or discontinued then the world comes to and end and blah blah. Hell I probably would have loved cfstudio but its also 2006 not 2000 and as a business man I know better than to stay old school. Like I said use what you want and someday soon I will sit back and watch ya scrambling, since i am on a mac cfstudio is nothing to me. ~Dave the disruptor~ Hi Steve, > I don't think it's lemming like at all - the move of many people to It is lemming like if you do it just because everyone is doing it. I just don't automatically buy into something simply because someone says: "If I was you I would start getting used to eclipse." (sorry Dave) ;) Give me a good justification and I'm willing to listen. Your justification, though, was much better than Dave's so I can see your points and your rationale for switching. > Studio is perfect for people who crank out CFML 8 hours a day. If you > have to juggle multiple tasks, then Eclipse is the way to go. I'll have to take a look at it further but for the moment, back to cranking CFML. ;) Rey...

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