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Rey Bango
06/02/2006 04:22 PM

Ah, so if we're not managing several thousand pages, then we're still not doing serious development. hmm. LOL! I'm just messing with you Russ. I know what you mean. ;) Rey... Russ wrote: > What I meant by serious we development is enterprise level stuff... How many > sites do you manage that have over 10k templates?  It's almost impossible to > work with using Tortoise, but acceptable in CFEclipse.   > > >>You sure can. Oh wait, I'm not doing serious development!! ;) >> >>Rey... >> >>Ken Ferguson wrote: >> >>>Of course, you don't need CFE to use subversion in your IDE. I believe >>>you can use TortoiseSVN and all the Explorer TortoiseSVN right-click >>>options are there in the directory pane. >>> >>>--Ferg >>> >>>Russ wrote: >>> >>> >>>>I've been using CFEclipse for a while... It's not as good as Homesite+ >> >>or CF >> >>>>Studio by itself.  It's missing the integrated help (although it gives >> >>you >> >>>>link to online docs, they're kind of slow). >>>> >>>>However, once you pair it with Subcslipse (assuming you use subversion, >>>>which you should), it's awesome.   It becomes a real IDE, where I can >> >>make >> >>>>changes to the code base, deploy changes, merge changes from different >>>>branches, etc). >>>> >>>>So if you're just developing a small site without any sort of version >>>>control, then Homesite+ or Dreamweaver might work better for you, but if >>>>you're serious about development and want integration with subversion, >> >>then >> >>>>CFEclipse is the best editor for you. >>>> >>>>Just my $0.02. >>>> >>>>Russ >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>>Or adapt and improvise. I just don't like the CFE experience at this >>>>>moment and as Ken said, I find that CFStudio & Homesite+ do EVERYTHING >>>>>that I need and does it VERY well. >>>>> >>>>>If I need to switch to another IDE tomorrow because of a product >>>>>upgrade, a new product or a new OS, then I'll tackle it when I get >>>>>there. I just don't believe in following the crowd just because >>>>>everyone's heading in a specific direction; especially if there isn't a >>>>>VERY compelling reason to do so. Very lemming-like to me. ;) >>>>> >>>>>Rey... >>>>> >>>>>dave wrote: >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>>This is the same reason IE lives, ppl just need to learn to let things >>>>>> >>>>> >>>>>go and move onto new better things.;)~ >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>>~Dave the disruptor~ >>>>>> >>>>>>Worked like a charm man!! >>>>>> >>>>>>CF Studio 5 lives!!! >>>>>> >>>>>>Rey... >>>>>> >>>>>>Ben Nadel wrote: >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>>Always a pleasure. >>>>>>> >>>>>>>....................... >>>>>>>Ben Nadel >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>Wow! You come through again for me Ben! You da man. >>>>>>> >>>>>>>Rey... >>>>>>> >>>>>>>Ben Nadel wrote: >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Rey, >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>I'm witchu. Why change if you don't have to. I use Homesite 5.5 (or >> >>is >> >>>>>>>>it >>>>>>>>+). Can't remember. All I know is every time I try to switch to >>>>>>>>+Eclipse it >>>>>>>>lacks several of the very things that I love most about Homesite. I >>>>>>>>have attached the CF tag updates for Homesite. Not sure if they will >>>>>>>>work for studio, but it might. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >> >>.z >> >>>>>>>>ip >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Just in case any one gets all touchy, these are not my files, I did >>>>>>>>not write them, and I am sorry if I have put them somewhere for >> >>public >> >>>>>>>>use without permissions. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>....................... >>>>>>>>Ben Nadel >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Yep I still use CF Studio 5 for my development and I'm not ashamed >> >>to >> >>>>>>>>admit that I love it as an editor. It does exactly what I need and >> >>in >> >>>>>>>>the way I need doesn't have the latest tag updates >>>>>>>>for tag insight, "edit current tag" option or the docs. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Anyone know if there's an update to that? >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Rey... >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>> >>>> >>> >> > >

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