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Denny Valliant
06/02/2006 08:16 PM

> > Here, here.  Doing multiple line regex patterns is a nightmare > sometimes. Well isn't it handy that there are a few really nice regular expression editor plugins for eclipse as well? ;-) I think one of the most fundamental and freaking awesome featues of eclipse is it's OPEN SOURCE. If you'd like it to do X, you can go and and make it do X.  If you prefer Y, go for it, do Y. Frankly that alone should kick any "but it doesn't do X" arguments in the buttocks. Course, who really wants to learn java, or contribute to communities or whatnot. :P~ As for the project structure, Ben, you may think about a versioning system, and see how you're structure would fit there, to get more of an overview of how to do it in eclipse.   If you're using SVN, externals might be of interest, if you really like the "many projects in one project" idea. Really another nifty thing about eclipse and projects and that whole mindset, is that it's more geared to standards and such, vs. the "edit wherever I want, do what I want, etc." Take it from me, if you challenge yourself and your "clients", no project will be a tiny project.  And organization is pretty swell, when things get "big". Basically just cfeclipse+1, I guess, but MAN, eclipse is freaking nifty. Blows anything closed source outta the water (potentially ;) :denstar > > >> 1. The large box for extended search/replace. > > Exist in limited fashion in Eclipse.  Only capable of doing single > > line extended search/replace. > > And you can use regex as part of your search query, which should cover > the multi-line stuff, but that's a pain in the %$# compared to HS.  But > like I said before, I use CFE and just pop open HS when I need to do a > complex find/replace. > >

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