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Dawson, Michael
06/02/2006 08:29 PM

You make Eclipse sound pretty good, but honestly, I've tried it and the damn interface is just so clunky.  I think that too much screen real estate is consumed by the chrome.  Actually, I have never liked any java-based GUIs.  Ick. As many others have mentioned, "I" have not yet seen any benefit to convert from HS/DW to CFE.  I REALLY like the CFE snippets, but they always bomb out on me unless I go through a particular ritual of closing panes, opening panes and then editing a CFM file. As I said before, CFE is a pretty sharp concept and the developers have done an excellent job, but it's just not for me...yet.  And I don't feel like any less of a developer for avoiding Eclipse. As a matter of fact, I will probably re-install CFE and give it another shot.  I admit that it gets a bit easier each time I attempt to use CFE. My main gripe is the amount of manual installation and configuration to get plugins to work.  Also, the extraordinary amount of settings is quite daunting. I probably have the time, but not the incentive to spend hours just installing and configuring the GUI before I feel comfortable with Eclipse. As of now, the main benefit for Eclipse is that I can definitely remove the entire platform just by deleting a directory structure. M!ke

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