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ColdFusion Studio 5

06/03/2006 02:42 AM

yup.. its exactly like that........ ~Dave the disruptor~ Hm, I like it. It's kinda how I hoard all of the cookies in my house and only make them available to the rest of the family if they really need one. half a gb? 116.10 mb is half a gb? hopefully you just read it wrong. oh i see what you are looking at, no the only thing in ff was smartermail. Macs use up all you available memory and release it when other apps need it so its faster, its not like a pc. Look at ichat at 400mb ~Dave the disruptor~ 1/2 GB of memory for Firefox?? Guess all those pr0n pics and movies suck up the memory, eh? :) (sorry for OT) Thats fine but I hate to tell y'all that cf studio is gone and it aint comin back..... And all this dw is such a hog... you know really its not, here is a screenshot of my activities dw is taking up barely anymore than firefox and eclipse runs at about half of dw, this is on a mac but still, if you have a half way decent puter from the last few years (not from when cfstudio came out) then it isnt too bad. Hell even my old mac mini ran it just fine. And the rest of your problems are in the settings. Use cfstudio, more power to ya. ~Dave the disruptor~

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