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Mark Drew
06/03/2006 05:50 AM

Just thought I would say some things: On 2 Jun 2006, at 19:32, Steve Brownlee wrote: >>> 1. The large box for extended search/replace. > Exist in limited fashion in Eclipse.  Only capable of doing single   > line > extended search/replace. This is true, and I am looking into the search API. > >>> 2. The split  directory / file view... I rather dislike the > dreamweaveresque view of everything one left in one loooooooong   > window. > Does exist in CFEclipse.  It's the File Explorer view. Been there for a long time, you can also get used to the "loong"   windows by using the "Go Into:" feature that just zooms straight into   that folder, hell you can even open another instance of eclipse for   that so you can alt+tab across different sites, like having multiple   version of homes**te > >>> 3. The right-click on a CFInclude and option "Edit included > template"... > Doesn't exist. Yes it does, you can even write <cfinlcude template="../ notexistent.cfm"> and then right click and do an edit/create and it   will create the file for you in the right place > > 4. The ability to CTRL+SHIFT+TAB through the different tabs of   > homesite > (not sure if eclipse can do this). >>> Does exist in Eclipse.  Customizable to any keystroke. Eclipse has it and its even better, you can go back through a history   of files you edited to their edit points, by doing alt+ arrow left or   arrow right. > > Now if I wanted to spend the time to go over all of the features that > Eclipse/CFEclipse has over clunky old HS or Studio, I'd be here all   > day. > If these are the only features holding you back, I'd urge you to > re-evaluate Eclipse once again. It is difficult for people to move over because they are used to a   feature set, and getting used to another is hard. The problem is that I dont want to add features to CFEclipse *just*   to replicate HomeSite in Eclipse.  CFEclipse should help you edit   ColdFusion and implement Best Practice and there will be even MORE   features soon for you to do that. MD

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