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Mark Drew
06/03/2006 05:53 AM

AFAE (which is Rob Rohan's editor) also has a lot of CSS editors and   JavaScript editors. HE also has an XML editor that will help with model glue etc. I am   thinking of ways of helping people do Model Glue and do CFunit tests. There will be lots of features added to CFEclipse over the coming   months, I wonder how many new features to help you develop there will   be in Homesite? Hmmm... MD On 2 Jun 2006, at 19:47, dave wrote: > No it doesnt but it just seems like a lot of people and companies   > are getting behind the eclipse project and that's were we are headed. > Personally I am not yet thrilled with eclipse since I do a lot of   > css-p stuff and dw rocks over eclipse there and I am used to dw's   > ftp where it uploads on save and I am perfectly happy with dw but I   > can see the change coming so I am working it in now. Plus the cfc   > stuff in cfe is really nice, im sure sometime soon we'll have model- > glue and this and that with plugins and it will make us more   > efficiant. > > We are in a business that moves forward on a daily basis and I   > personally think if you stay sitting and comfy with old tools you   > will be left behind. Of course that depends on your individual job   > but you never know. > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > Well said. Also, as Dave mentioned, there probably will be a time when > I am forced to switch, but that doesn't mean that CFE will be my only > choice. > > M!ke > > "When you got hs and topstyle and this and that all opened you are > probably using more system resources that if you just have dw open." > > I agree, for people who use several programs. But there's the   > kicker, I > don't use all that other crap. I open HS and I do my work. I'm not one > for using topstyle; I know how to write css. I'm not one for using   > some > js or php specific IDE, I know how to write them. My whole point is   > that > I don't want things like that open whether it's several programs or   > one > monster that tries to be all things. I'm not trying to talk anyone out > of using DW or CFE. They're both great, for what they are. I'm just > saying that there's no need to ditch HS just because there are newer > IDEs out there. > > --Ferg > > > >

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