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Mark Drew
06/03/2006 05:55 AM

I want my youth back too! all the late nights developing a tool for programmers and with   attitudes like this it is a bit dis-heartening There is nothing I could do to CFEclipse to make some people change,   but when I use HomeSite (which I dont by the way, only to do a   feature comparison) it feels *ikky* now and I come from a sworn   background of using CFStudio MD On 2 Jun 2006, at 19:57, Eric Roberts wrote: > I have used CFEclipse for some time and I just don't like's   > not very > intuitive and I don't like how it forces you into a file system of   > it's > choosing...I don't like it on DW...though at least their files   > system is a > bit more friendly.  I started using it at work when DW wouldn't   > properly > save files and we had to actually open he files in notepad then   > save them > again to get the web server to recognize them...not sure what DW   > was doing > to them.  I just don't like the set up or the interface.  It is a very > clumsy and non-intuitive interface.  I could do without the tag   > editors that > DW has, though they are a time saver...especially with tags that I   > don't use > very often.  It's just lacking.  The only thing it has going for it   > is that > it is free. > > DW is a hog...that is for sure...I have more than enough memory and   > cpu real > estate.  I still think it takes too long to load and save files,   > plus some > of the other quirks that develop from time to time do get on my   > nerves. > It's no wonder though, since Dreamweaver was originally designed   > for Mac > users and not for programmers.  I want Cold Fusion Studio back.   > That was > the best tool ever designed for CF development. > > Eric > > " I agree. I tried CFEclipse once and bagged it, but later I told   > myself > that I was just making excuses. I forced myself to use it for a few   > weeks > and then I didn't want to go back. Plus, that forced me to really   > find out > if CFEclipse could do the things I kept telling myself I couldn't live > without, and I found that it often could. I've now been using CFE   > as my > default IDE for well over a year. " > > Remember back when dw mx came out and we had these same discussions   > on here > and the same things were said then, once they forced themselfs to   > use it for > a week most didnt want to go back. > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > > > > > > >

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