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06/03/2006 04:00 PM

Well i certainly wouldn't take my car into someone who uses an old decrypted set of rusty tools, no matter how "good" they say they are. Even though I do believe you are a good developer and my meaning wasn't quite how it came out (my appologize for that). If hs was so great it would still be in development today and the fact of the matter is that it is not and for a few ppl to bitch about its "non updates" year after year is lame, its done, its gone, move on........ Sure dw isn't the fastest but its not bad either, hell its running in Rosetta on my machine and its more than fast enough. The fact is that hs and cfstudio got left behind for dead and 5 ppl moaning about it on here wont change it. Like I said, use it, i don't care but don't complain when its not updated. ~Dave the disruptor~ Then you're not a good read of talent, Dave. Rey... dave wrote: > You kinda already seem like you are to me ray. > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > Well, us old dogs like a better explanation than: > > "If I was you I would start getting used to eclipse." > > That just doesn't cut it Dave. > > >>im not doing it because everyone is doing it, im doing because I can see where all this is heading > > > Never said you did but your rationale sure sounded like it. > > >>Like I said use what you want and someday soon I will sit back and watch ya scrambling > > > Doubt it. Not once in 17 years in IT have I been caught behind the eight > ball my man. I find it funny how you'd think an IDE would even remotely > cause me to "scramble". haha! > > > >

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