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Terry Troxel
06/03/2006 08:26 PM

I second that Ray, I have been reading and saving every single post on here since the start as my knowledge base. If in the middle of the night I get stumped there usually is an answer found by searching. I have posted some replies from time to time to try and pay back for the free knowledge gained on here, but it seems lately when you ask a question, you either don't phrase it to someone's liking or someone breaks the thread by going off on a tangent (like maybe I am doing) or someone just starts a my tool's better then your tool scenario. I am using CF5, Getting a handle on CF6.1 am 65 years old and there is not enough hours I care to spend watching CF or anything related to it bashing as it has made me a very good living and continues to do so and I am not slowing down anytime soon. I am just getting tired of having now to delete non related to cf posts in order to keep my knowledge base pristine and of a manageable size. BTW, I am not flaming or picking on anyone in particular and if you need to pick on a "old" guy do it offline please <he says jokingly as he has a senior moment. What was I saying?> Terry Troxel BTW I am one of the 13 lovers of CF Studio 5 Hi Dave, > Even though I do believe you are a good developer and my meaning wasn't quite how it came out (my appologize for that). Thanks for saying that. Your post came out a bit rough. ;) > ...cfstudio got left behind for dead and 5 ppl moaning about it on here wont change it. The funny thing about this is how you've completed contorted the whole thread. Being the thread starter, I went back and re-read the initial post and the only thing I asked was if there was an update to the tag insight and help docs. Not once did I complain about it. I'm very aware of the state of Allaire/MM/Adobe products having been a past member of Team Allaire and still having some associations with the folks over there. So yes, I knew that CFStudio/HS+ had been put to end-of-life status but I still find them very useful for my work. And I don't believe you've ever seen me complain about much of anything on here have you Dave? I'm fairly aware of my needs and I'm doing well to date. Again, its funny how you've somehow seemed to have interpreted my simple question as a complaint. Go back and check it out. > Like I said, use it, i don't care but don't complain when its not updated. I won't. Once my tools become ineffective, I generally move on. CFStudio & HS, though, are still working great for me in their current state and with the new update the Ben Nadel sent me, its up to date with all of CFMX7's tags. Rey... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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