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06/03/2006 08:58 PM

Actually Rey I don't really use cfe that much yet, I will do most stuff in dw them to make myself feel better go into cfe and clean it up after I get the layouts done in css. To me its like if half the ppl keep trying to keep the oldy stuff alive that we arent putting enough focus on the current and future stuff and we keep falling behind. Most of the other languages are always pushing the boundries of making their language and tools newer and better and quite frankly it shows... Its hard not to respond huh? plus I got all this anger built up from talking to Will that I let it go on here sometimes!  hehe ~Dave the disruptor~ > It's all good Rey, I love ya and respect you and more than anything it probably wasn't your post in perticular but as others post and everyone from the pasts posts who just wanna bitch and moan about it not being supported anymore. > > Plus you know how i love to stir the pot and actually as usual it turned into a bigger discussion which helped a few people out and helped get the record a bit more straight on what eclipse can and can't do which never woulda happened, ya know what I mean ;) > > ~Dave the disruptor~ I know man. I don't take it personally. I'm just as fiery as you are so I can't help but reply. :) I know CFE is out there and do know that I have listened to your points (as well as the others). I will get to CFE or another IDE when the time is right but CFStudio just does an awesome job for me at the moment. I will be at CFUnited (see, I'm on top of things) so if they do have any discussions on CFE, I'll definitely look into it. Rey...

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