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Terry Troxel
06/03/2006 09:39 PM

Dave my age is not a crutch, I don't act my age and I also love new technology when I have time to get involved with it. I just don't like being made to feel if I don't have the latest and greatest I won't be able to live another day. I also don't want a simple question and answer forum as well, it's fine the way it is, I am just in favor of less egos and more focus on giving someone a knowlegable answer to an honest question, simple as that. And on that note it's back to work for me, I got to get back on track. You can do as you please, I been here for several years and its always been this way. And sorry but I won't take your age as a crutch as I recall Dick Applebaum was your age as well and he was all over new technology, hell I was well behind him at getting to it. Yeah you can use some of this as a question and answer, i do that, i save the posts I want to keep. If you want just a simple question and answer and nothing else then go look at Rays ~Dave the disruptor~ Gee Dave the Disrupter, You disagree with my entire post.....hmmm.... You disagree with me using the questions and answers as a knowledge base? I said nothing about debating, I was refering to someone posting a question and before the question has been answered, someone comes along, picks a totally different spin to the original post and away it goes like wildfire and the original poster is left saying, "Did I start this?" All I am saying is the amount of useful informational that used to flow freely through here is being put aside by debates on the merits of asp, my tool is better of yours and CF is not doing things right. I love debating, but somehow I don't think that is what a lot of this is. I will now go back to my rocker and slippers and crank up some 50's tunes and open up CF Studio on my laptop and make some money, doing what I love to do. On a slightly fifferent retirement park recently had Verison FIOS installed and I just got a 15 Mbps/2 Mbps connection that absolutely blows my socks off everytime I get online....for once in my life I am on the cutting edge and not trying to catchup. Terry PS Don't take it personal Dave, I like to stir crap once in awhile too...... Well I totally disagree with you, if we all just kiss each others butts and don't debate things a bit then we also don't learn as much because bigger discussions don't come out of it and it all stays status quo (which im sure a few ppl would prefer). ~Dave the disruptor~ I second that Ray, I have been reading and saving every single post on here since the start as my knowledge base. If in the middle of the night I get stumped there usually is an answer found by searching. I have posted some replies from time to time to try and pay back for the free knowledge gained on here, but it seems lately when you ask a question, you either don't phrase it to someone's liking or someone breaks the thread by going off on a tangent (like maybe I am doing) or someone just starts a my tool's better then your tool scenario. I am using CF5, Getting a handle on CF6.1 am 65 years old and there is not enough hours I care to spend watching CF or anything related to it bashing as it has made me a very good living and continues to do so and I am not slowing down anytime soon. I am just getting tired of having now to delete non related to cf posts in order to keep my knowledge base pristine and of a manageable size. BTW, I am not flaming or picking on anyone in particular and if you need to pick on a "old" guy do it offline please jokingly as he has a senior moment. What was I saying?> Terry Troxel BTW I am one of the 13 lovers of CF Studio 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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