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Terry Troxel
06/03/2006 09:44 PM

Dave my age is not a crutch, I don't act my age and I also love new technology when I have time to get involved with it. I just don't like being made to feel if I don't have the latest and greatest I won't be able to live another day. I also don't want a simple question and answer forum as well, it's fine the way it is, I am just in favor of less egos and more focus on giving someone a knowlegable answer to an honest question, simple as that. And on that note it's back to work for me, I got to get back on track. You can do as you please, I been here for several years and its always been this way. And sorry but I won't take your age as a crutch as I recall Dick Applebaum was your age as well and he was all over new technology, hell I was well behind him at getting to it. Yeah you can use some of this as a question and answer, i do that, i save the posts I want to keep. If you want just a simple question and answer and nothing else then go look at Rays ~Dave the disruptor~

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