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Eric Roberts
06/03/2006 09:57 PM

I never could get the FTP to work on cfeclipse.  I always has to use an ftp program to upload my files if they were on a remote machine.  Has that been fixed/improved mark? Eric Ok well there would be more than 13 but the point is just as you say, they won't be doing something that they lose a ton of money on which pretty much means there aren't enough people buying it to justify it. Personally, I thought setting hs up was a pita kinda like how eclipse is now and to me they both have similar problems, the main one for me is that if i am doing css stuff then I gotta upload every change and then go browse it to see wtf is going on and then I gotta go to a pc to see how bad ie broke it. At least in dw it cuts most of that out. And ftp is such a problem with both ~Dave the disruptor~ dave wrote: > And why would Adobe add it? It's done, gone and I doubt they will bring it back for the 13 people who want it. I would venture to say that there are quite a bit more than 13 people that use it. I know of plenty that still love it. But I don't see Adobe ever restarting development on a non-money making product. Rey...

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