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Denny Valliant
06/03/2006 10:24 PM

My response was an emotional one, sorry. > > Homesite was originally designed for non-cf developers.  It was also used > by > non-developers because it has a great interface.  HS+ was a bit of an > appeasement to the CF developers MM lied to when they trashed cf studio > after assuring us they wouldn't.  As far as open source goes, don't assume > that I don't see the trend.  I just don't like or agree that it is better. The thing is, it's evolution - Believe me, the trend isn't because of a sudden feeling of good will in companies such as Microsoft, or IBM.  Nor out of some new found need for "security" and thus an initiative for "transparency" in software (if that is even a good argument, about security). Well, maybe IBM's is out of good will, for sure not microsoft. Why is it that if I am not doing my code in some bloated text editor that I > am not really coding?  I would say the opposite is true.  If you can't do > it > in notepad, then you don't know how to code. See, I can "code" cf in my sleep. It's not like with my cell phone, where I wouldn't know what any of my friends numb3rs were if I lost it. If anything, my trouble is remembering the old stuff and forgetting the new. When I'm talking about real coding, I'm talking about the whole deal. All the interesting stuff going on now is using things like ANT and XML and frameworks of whatever types... version control...  Good IDE's make it real easy to do 'em all, with key-bindings even. If you want power and flexibility, you'd want an IDE you could extend. Or at least I would/do.  IDE's aren't crutches... more bio-tech-symbiotic suits. At least Eclipse is. Full of living people, living code, open to contributions, suggestions, whatnot. NetBeans is also sweet, and you might like it's UI better than Eclipse's.  Don't know if there is a CF plugin for it, so it's pointless for you probably, but it's alive too, which is pretty cool. I guess to put it in context, imagine if people were constantly coming up with new "buttons" for you to extend HS+/CFStudio with. Wouldn't that be cool? ;-) > Like I said...most of the open source stuff is > inconsistent... Most? Ahh, there ARE a lot of open source projects out there. I see what you mean.  Come to think of it, there are a lot of closed source, commercial apps out there.  If you ask me, MOST leave something to be desired as well. But most does not mean all ;-) most does not mean all...  If open source has won out, why > does MS and non-open source Unix have the greater market share? What would be a better question,is why is MS talking about open sourcing code now(MS! the KING of closed!)? Why is Apple so damn cool?   In my 8 > years of cf development, I have only run into 2 shops that use any open > source software in their production environment.  That doesn't sound like > a > win for open source to me. Dude, you've been going into the wrong shops. =-) That's all I can think of that would explain it. MMMPMMA, Mmmm Mmmm good. :-) Don't get it. Oh! Hey, ditto. I like that. I guess you are ok. [= em hotep :denny

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