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06/04/2006 02:43 PM

That's more like it Mark,  I may yet be converted :-) I will have a look at the dictionary's next week and see if I can't customise CFE to not annoy me :-) Russ The next version of CFE has toolbars CFEclipse-Toolbars You can add whatever tags you want by using snippets. CFE is a CF editor by trade but we do provide html syntax too. You can edit the dictionary you are in , in the next version of CFE you have a choice of which dictionary you use, we have tried to keep the dictionary as accurate as possible with regards to which tags close and which dont, and yes if you want to change it you can edit whichever is your default dictionary (Cfmx7, 6 , 5 or whatever) and change whether they close or not. You have been enlightened? MD On 4 Jun 2006, at 13:33, Snake wrote: > I also miss the HomeSite customizable toolbar too. Not just for the > default buttons (the table wizard was very handy), but the ability to > add my own and create VTML tag editor for my own tags and what not. > > CFE has very few CFML/HTML options on the toolbar. > > But perhaps you could also enlighten me as to some tags are auto > completed and some are not, is this editable somewhere? > > > > Russ > > > Those are two features that are rather requested and I have already > added them (not sure if they are in the stable yet but definately will > be in the next release) > > If you have a Dictionary View you can double click and enter functions > and tags. Also I have (in the nightly) a version of right clicking on > a tag and being able to edit it. its pretty neat. > > So I am trying to make the product work well as requested by most > people. > > MD > > On 4 Jun 2006, at 00:48, Snake wrote: > >> I have been using CFE for nearly 2 months now, and I still miss >> Homesite. In fact I keep it open at the same time for the quick >> reference to tag editor, function/tag insert and quick help. >> CFE has a way to go before it beats CFStudio/homesite for CFML >> editing. >> >> russ >> >> Definitely do the videos. I'm fairly open to new ideas but again, as >> I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't just jump to the next tool >> because its the "in" thing. If you're videos do a good job of showing >> me the benefits, I'd be more than happy to use CFE. >> >> Rey... >> >> Mark Drew wrote: >>> I think if you dont have the time to learn a new tool, no matter the >>> size of the site, you just wont. >>> >>> Nothing anyone can say will help you switch from one tool to >>> another, I would have to show you (ahh, yes people, I will be doing >>> some video's of using CFEclipse) >>> >>> MD >>> >>> >>> On 2 Jun 2006, at 20:55, Rey Bango wrote: >>> >>> >>>>> you're serious about development and want integration with >>>>> subversion, then CFEclipse is the best editor for you. >>>> >>>> Sorry, I didn't realize that people developing small sites weren't >>>> serious about development. ;) >>>> >>>> Rey... >>>> >>>> >>>> >>> >>> >>> >> >> >> >> > > > >

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