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06/04/2006 03:43 PM

Mark, I have always voiced what issues I have with ecplise, right now I have none with cfe, hell you are doing one hella job on it and that's why I stick up for it. Again, the only issues I have with ECLIPSE are: 1. A design view, which doesn't mean a drag and drop interface wwysiwyg interface, just to be able to see what my css is doing, nothing more, nothing less. 2. FTP that is simple and works, if it was like dw where it can upload on save that would be big shiny tits. Jared has some info on his site about getting ftp to work but for me its too much head ache. 3. Ok 1 more and that would be a better way to load up plugins, maybe its just me or maybe some of these things have issues with intel macs but the only one I can get to reliably work is CFE. The css ones don't and ftp don't. 4. ok and another thing I don't like about eclipse (which might be configurable, i dunno) and someone mentioned this before is that in dw i really like it closing my tag after the first part where eclipse closes it basically when u r almost done anyways. In both it would be cool if it closed the tag as soon as you narrow it down but lets you keep typing in the attributes. And with this particular thread my beef with OS's is that hs is a windows only and god 4 bid if i am going to go back to windows to use a ancient program. One of the good things about eclipse is that it is the same across platforms. ~Dave the disruptor~ Good enough? not good enough? Why didnt you like it? what would be better? I mean, apart from all the Open Source arguments etc, CFEclipse is a developer's tool, and we are here to help developers, we listen we try to add good features to help you develop. Do you want it *just* like homesite? Will that make lots of people change? or *just* like dreamweaver? which one would make people happier? And would it make you feel better if we charged for CFEclipse? Would that remove the stigma of it being Open Source? MD On 4 Jun 2006, at 04:13, dave wrote: > yup > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > Have you guys tried the Eclipse FTP / webDAV stuff? > > It uses team, so it's got to be good. > > If it works. > :)en > > >> >> I cant get it to work right and thats a major deal for me. >> >> ~Dave the disruptor~ >> >> I never could get the FTP to work on cfeclipse. I always has to >> use an ftp >> program to upload my files if they were on a remote machine. Has >> that been >> fixed/improved mark? >> >> Eric >> >> >> >> >> >> > > > >

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