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Peter J. Farrell
06/04/2006 04:37 PM

> Mark, > I am not asking you to do it for me but it seems like a huge issue for > a lot of people. If you ask most people what they think of ftp in > ecplise their responce is "it just sucks" and it's kind of an > important part and quite frankly I am still amazed that ecplise has > come this far without a good ftp system. Probably because a lot of people that use Eclipse are using some sort of SCM (like Subversion) and run a local development environment (like running CF and your RDBMS locally).  Also, I assume a lot of enterprise places use some sort of development schedule that creates builds/snapshots of the repository for upload to a staging server  instead of using your staging/production as a development environment.  I never need FTP in Eclipse because that is the type of environment we use here at work.  All developers use their local environment - FTPing to a server for testing is plain ol' 1998.

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