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06/04/2006 04:59 PM

And thats great for people working in groups and in shops but there are others out there who don't need all that. It depends on your situation but for me why do 5 things to get it to the server when you can do 1? " FTPing to a server for testing is plain ol' 1998" You mean like using hs? They way I roll out sites I don't need to do all the additional steps for that stuff so why do it? I guess its the same reason people still use old programs like hs, eh..... ~Dave the disruptor~ > Mark, > I am not asking you to do it for me but it seems like a huge issue for > a lot of people. If you ask most people what they think of ftp in > ecplise their responce is "it just sucks" and it's kind of an > important part and quite frankly I am still amazed that ecplise has > come this far without a good ftp system. Probably because a lot of people that use Eclipse are using some sort of SCM (like Subversion) and run a local development environment (like running CF and your RDBMS locally). Also, I assume a lot of enterprise places use some sort of development schedule that creates builds/snapshots of the repository for upload to a staging server instead of using your staging/production as a development environment. I never need FTP in Eclipse because that is the type of environment we use here at work. All developers use their local environment - FTPing to a server for testing is plain ol' 1998.

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