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Dawson, Michael
06/04/2006 05:38 PM

I just want to say that I like the concept of CFE and what Mark has done with it so far.  I just don't care much for Eclipse's interface and the amazing breadth and depth of that product.  It can easily overwhelm a person.  That has nothing to do with Mark's CFE commitment. M!ke Why does some of the arguments about HomeS**te Vs CFEclipse sound exactly like OS X Vs Windows or Linux vs Windows or Vi vs Emacs? I like CFEclipse so much I actually started making it a better product. So maybe I have a vested interest in being the minority, yes I use OS X and CFEclipse, sorry, I dont use Windows and HomeS**te.   but I am still working on a product for the community that uses Windows. Stop the madness and mud slinging. I shall try to do my best to show to people why CFEclipse is different and why you might like it after the initial trial of learning it, but if you arent going to change, even if CFEclipse writes the code for you whilst it makes you coffee and gives you a back-rub, I would see this as a waste of time, that would be better spend on making it a better product for people that use it. At the end of the day, I get no benefit on "more" people using it, it isnt like I am selling the dammed thing. MD

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