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Jochem van Dieten
06/04/2006 06:12 PM

dave wrote: > And thats great for people working in groups and in shops but there are others out there who don't need all that. > It depends on your situation but for me why do 5 things to get it to the server when you can do 1? It still is one thing: hit the deploy button. > They way I roll out sites I don't need to do all the additional steps for that stuff so why do it? Because it allows you to better control the process. It doesn't matter if you work in a group, in a shop or alone. In all those cases scripting and instrumenting deployment has benefits. Even in the minimal scripts I use personally I have integrated backups of the new code, I use an encrypted connection for uploading and the scripts figure out which parts of the code is changed and upload only that. And writing the scripts for that really doesn't take all that long. What we do at work goes way further. Part of the cycle is that we run all code through an HTML validator. We compile it into bytecode. We package it into an EAR file. We run both white and black box regression tests on everything. Building the infrastructure for that is indeed a lot of work and you probably don't want to do that for a simple project (or maybe it is more accurate to say that most small customers won't be willing to pay for that). But in either case as a developer, I just communicate with source control. Everything after that is scripted. Jochem

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