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Rey Bango
06/04/2006 07:15 PM

hahahahaha! I'm just floored how this has blossomed into a full on debate about operating systems & version control systems. Man, I should ask simple questions more often!!! hahahahaaha! ~Rey the impaler~ dave wrote: > no one said u didnt, my god > the point was it doesnt run on anything but winblows and other people choose to use other os's, lets see how much you like windows when/if vista comes out and you cant even run hs anymore or half your other tools and you are still left with a half ass imitaion of osx.............. > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > As I said, I have been using cfeclipse for 2 months now, so that hardly > translate to "I am never going to change". > Changing your IDE is one thing, but you can't expect everyone to change > their OS as well, like most people I have years of time and money invested > in windows and the associated software, so no I'm going to be changing that > any time soon. I like windows. > > Russ > > Why does some of the arguments about HomeS**te Vs CFEclipse sound exactly > like OS X Vs Windows or Linux vs Windows or Vi vs Emacs? > > I like CFEclipse so much I actually started making it a better product. So > maybe I have a vested interest in being the minority, yes I use OS X and > CFEclipse, sorry, I dont use Windows and HomeS**te. > but I am still working on a product for the community that uses Windows. > Stop the madness and mud slinging. I shall try to do my best to show to > people why CFEclipse is different and why you might like it after the > initial trial of learning it, but if you arent going to change, even if > CFEclipse writes the code for you whilst it makes you coffee and gives you a > back-rub, I would see this as a waste of time, that would be better spend on > making it a better product for people that use it. > > At the end of the day, I get no benefit on "more" people using it, it isnt > like I am selling the dammed thing. > > MD > > On 4 Jun 2006, at 13:43, Snake wrote: > > >>There is no better OS than the one I am using as far as I am >>concerned. >> >>some people do more than cfm editing and some ppl choose to use a >>better os as well >> >>~Dave the disruptor~ > > > > >

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