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Denny Valliant
06/05/2006 12:12 AM

> > no, i cant even get the latest build to reconize it or the css plugin, i > did put in the nightly build of cfe but its not showing up in the updater > either. Is there a css plugin with cfe? I didn't think so...  are you talking about webtools?  Or MyEclipse? The nightly shouldn't show up in the updater, but it should list the version in the: help > software updates > manage config. I might be confused though (re: css plugin ;). When I asked if you'd tried the eclipse team ftp plugin you said "yup", I assume it wouldn't connect to your server?  Too bad, I love how it syncs the files and compares and all that.  But I don't use ftp, bleh, I refuse to run it as a service even. It looks like maybe some interest is gathering on the eclipse side for better SSH and yes, FTP support, so give it a little time, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.  There is also the RSE plugin, gathering steam, I tried it, and it's linking up files and providing SSH terminals.  Woot. Makes me feel all warm inside. :D

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