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Rey Bango
06/05/2006 05:54 PM

Hi Denny, I guess us commercial, non-power CF'ers with the wrong mindset will just stick with other tools then. Hey Dave, Snake & Ferg, how does it feel to be part of "commercial, non-power CF'ers, designers/coder wannabes with the wrong mindset" group? I'm feeling pretty damn good. Rey... Denny Valliant wrote: > As for the rest, Ferg, you are probably better off with a tool like > DW or (maybe) HS/CFStud. > > I don't think CFE needs converts, if you ask me.  There's plenty > to do already, and more people with the wrong mindset won't > help the flow of chi, or whatnot. > > Mostly these[1] are attempts at "heads up" to the CF users out > there, if you ask me. 'Specially for "power CFers". > > The mindset is just plain different from HS, DW, CFStu. tho, > and I'd hate to see people with the wrong idea get involved. > > ICFE is currently aimed more at coders than "designers", if'n' > you're a WYSIWYG designer, stick with DW/whatnot. > > And CFE is has some rough edges, which is why people > with the commercial mindset worry me.  CFE coders don't > make money off of selling CFE.  Chocolate or beer goes > further than complaints to management, or whatever. > > [1]the posts about how cool CFE is.  It's not better, just different, > and the way of the future (but that's besides the point ;). > :denster > > > >>1. OK, I don't personally find this particularly useful, but cool. I >>have always wondered why HS color codes sql in a .sql file, but not in a >>..cfm file. I mean, it colors js css in cfm files. >>2. Very cool indeed. I like that quite a lot. >>3. Sounds cool - that might be nice. >>4. Don't think I'd find that very useful. >>5. Doesn't everyone keep test.cfm in the dev root for this anyway? >>6. HS has these as well and I think the HS code templates are at least >>as good as CFE's snippets. >>7. Neat? >>8. This is one thing I really do like in CFE - this is really great. >>9. Cool. >>10. Once again, cool, but I don't think I really care too much. >> >>As for help, I think I actually like the CFE livedocs access better the >>way it is now. I can't remember the last time I used the built-in help >>files even though the ld's are slow on a scale that's almost geologic. >> >>--Ferg >> >> >>Munson, Jacob wrote: >> >>>>Actually, and I'm not being a smartass when I say this, I'd very much >>>>like for you to tell me some of the features CFE has over HS that are >>>>worthwhile. >>>> >>> >>>I haven't used HS for quite a while, so correct me if any of these are >>>there as well.  But Here are a few things I like about CFE, besides what >>>I've already mentioned. >>> >>>1.  SQL code highlighting >>>2.  Todo list--Just add <---! Todo:{your todo title} ---> anywhere in >>>your code and you get a new todo item in the todo view.  If you click >>>this item later from the todo panel it will open up the correct file and >>>drop you down to the correct spot on the page. >>>3.  Version control--Eclipse has basic version control built-in.  Do you >>>need to go back after a few hours of coding?  No problem, just find the >>>correct version from the history and restore it >>>4.  Working sets--group similar files into a set for later use, which >>>makes it easier to interface with them later (all other files are >>>hidden) >>>5.  Scratch pad--if you need to quickly test some code, hit F11 (or >>>whatever you map it to) which loads a cfm file, then view the results in >>>the internal browser >>>6.  Snippets--You can have complex code snippets at your fingertips, >>>just hit a shortcut and it will drop the code in.  It will even ask you >>>for parameters (Ex. a query name) >>>7.  There is a plugin that lets you view the CF logs right from the CFE >>>IDE >>>8.  There is an Outline and a Methods view that gives you quick easy >>>access to your document structure, where you can click and jump to the >>>right section >>>9.  It's open source--community driven, rapid support and quick >>>releases, and it costs $0 >>>10.  Adobe now supports CFEclipse as the standard CFML editor for coders >>>(not designers).  In fact, did you know that Sean Cornfield is the >>>project manager for CFE? >>> >>>Again, if you know that HS does any of the above, feel free to correct >>>me.  I know it does snippets, but I'm not sure if they are as powerful >>>as CFE. >>> >>>Also, someone mentioned that HS has inline documentation, and Adobe is >>>putting this into CFE soon (Actually I think it's going to come from >>>Flex, but it's supposed to cover CF). >>> >>> >>>------------- >>> >>>This transmission may contain information that is privileged, >> >>confidential and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are >>not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, >>copying, distribution, or use of the information contained herein (including >>any reliance thereon) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you received this >>transmission in error, please immediately contact the sender and destroy the >>material in its entirety, whether in electronic or hard copy format. Thank >>you. A1. >> >>> >>> >>> >> > >

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