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06/05/2006 07:27 PM Thats the link to put into eclipse I do believe and Denny, its good to know others put their feet in their mouth too! ~Dave the disruptor~ > > Hi Denny, > > I guess us commercial, non-power CF'ers with the wrong mindset will just > stick with other tools then. Hey Dave, Snake & Ferg, how does it feel to > be part of "commercial, non-power CF'ers, designers/coder wannabes with > the wrong mindset" group? I'm feeling pretty damn good. > > Rey... Yes, Rey, that's what I meant. That's why I qualify WIS so much. :P~ Seriously tho, Hey Vinne, Hugo, and Desmond, how do you like waffles? I'm eating some right now, they're good(tm). :-)) Didn't mean to come off so harsh on the folks who are happy where they are, man. It's good to be happy, and that's what really matters. I would FAR prefer you to use a tool you are happy using than to switch to one *I* use that doesn't make you happy. And you like to let people know when you're not happy, so PLEASE don't start using CFE. You, a fellow user, being unhappy would make me unhappy. Just wait till you HAVE to switch, and I'll bet you'll be MUCH happier. Seriously, by then, things will be smoother, and there will be less to find dislike with. You'll feel more comfortable, more HS-like stuff will be there for you. Ferg, I probably did misread you, I'm usually only partly in this universe, so it shows. My main point was how swell open source is, with the proper mind-set. See, with open source, there is no room to complain, because YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF. If you don't like X, or want Y, YOU CAN DO IT! YES! No waiting for some other person to get off their ass! At least it's never forced, as in you are NEVER forced to wait for something, or get enough support behind an idea to have it come to fruition. You can do it! But that concept is one that a lot of folks don't seem to get, and I think I don't get it either, so no biggie. As for the util for converting snippits, take a look at the mailing archive, there's some info in there, IIR. I did not mean to make anyone feel bad about preferring some way over another. It's a free world, diversity is GOOD, and I still get a kick out of that story about the programmer and the drum - greatness doesn't come from the tool, man. So, sorry for being an asshole, I'm really nice, but put my foot in my mouth quite a bit. I can see how my comments can be read many ways - I'm trying a little to be more like Churchill, but failing pretty bad. Ahhh... Someday... *sigh* There is a good saying about doing what you want so long as it doesn't hurt others, or some such - which I like, but find hard to live by. Sorry for knocking anyone, or anyone's choices. Didn't mean to. If anything, it's myself who needs to get with the program... funny how life is. But Oh that waffle was good! Syrup ROCKS!!! :denstir Denny Valliant wrote: > > As for the rest, Ferg, you are probably better off with a tool like > > DW or (maybe) HS/CFStud. > > > > I don't think CFE needs converts, if you ask me. There's plenty > > to do already, and more people with the wrong mindset won't > > help the flow of chi, or whatnot. > > > > Mostly these[1] are attempts at "heads up" to the CF users out > > there, if you ask me. 'Specially for "power CFers". > > > > The mindset is just plain different from HS, DW, CFStu. tho, > > and I'd hate to see people with the wrong idea get involved. > > > > ICFE is currently aimed more at coders than "designers", if'n' > > you're a WYSIWYG designer, stick with DW/whatnot. > > > > And CFE is has some rough edges, which is why people > > with the commercial mindset worry me. CFE coders don't > > make money off of selling CFE. Chocolate or beer goes > > further than complaints to management, or whatever. > > > > [1]the posts about how cool CFE is. It's not better, just different, > > and the way of the future (but that's besides the point ;). > > :denster > > > > > > > >>1. OK, I don't personally find this particularly useful, but cool. I > >>have always wondered why HS color codes sql in a .sql file, but not in a > >>..cfm file. I mean, it colors js css in cfm files. > >>2. Very cool indeed. I like that quite a lot. > >>3. Sounds cool - that might be nice. > >>4. Don't think I'd find that very useful. > >>5. Doesn't everyone keep test.cfm in the dev root for this anyway? > >>6. HS has these as well and I think the HS code templates are at least > >>as good as CFE's snippets. > >>7. Neat? > >>8. This is one thing I really do like in CFE - this is really great. > >>9. Cool. > >>10. Once again, cool, but I don't think I really care too much. > >> > >>As for help, I think I actually like the CFE livedocs access better the > >>way it is now. I can't remember the last time I used the built-in help > >>files even though the ld's are slow on a scale that's almost geologic. > >> > >>--Ferg > >> > >> > >>Munson, Jacob wrote: > >> > >>>>Actually, and I'm not being a smartass when I say this, I'd very much > >>>>like for you to tell me some of the features CFE has over HS that are > >>>>worthwhile. > >>>> > >>> > >>>I haven't used HS for quite a while, so correct me if any of these are > >>>there as well. But Here are a few things I like about CFE, besides > what > >>>I've already mentioned. > >>> > >>>1. SQL code highlighting > >>>2. Todo list--Just add <---! Todo:{your todo title} ---> anywhere in > >>>your code and you get a new todo item in the todo view. If you click > >>>this item later from the todo panel it will open up the correct file > and > >>>drop you down to the correct spot on the page. > >>>3. Version control--Eclipse has basic version control built-in. Do > you > >>>need to go back after a few hours of coding? No problem, just find the > >>>correct version from the history and restore it > >>>4. Working sets--group similar files into a set for later use, which > >>>makes it easier to interface with them later (all other files are > >>>hidden) > >>>5. Scratch pad--if you need to quickly test some code, hit F11 (or > >>>whatever you map it to) which loads a cfm file, then view the results > in > >>>the internal browser > >>>6. Snippets--You can have complex code snippets at your fingertips, > >>>just hit a shortcut and it will drop the code in. It will even ask you > >>>for parameters (Ex. a query name) > >>>7. There is a plugin that lets you view the CF logs right from the CFE > >>>IDE > >>>8. There is an Outline and a Methods view that gives you quick easy > >>>access to your document structure, where you can click and jump to the > >>>right section > >>>9. It's open source--community driven, rapid support and quick > >>>releases, and it costs $0 > >>>10. Adobe now supports CFEclipse as the standard CFML editor for > coders > >>>(not designers). In fact, did you know that Sean Cornfield is the > >>>project manager for CFE? > >>> > >>>Again, if you know that HS does any of the above, feel free to correct > >>>me. I know it does snippets, but I'm not sure if they are as powerful > >>>as CFE. > >>> > >>>Also, someone mentioned that HS has inline documentation, and Adobe is > >>>putting this into CFE soon (Actually I think it's going to come from > >>>Flex, but it's supposed to cover CF). > >>> > >>> > >>>------------- > >>> > >>>This transmission may contain information that is privileged, > >> > >>confidential and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you > are > >>not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, > >>copying, distribution, or use of the information contained herein > (including > >>any reliance thereon) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you received this > >>transmission in error, please immediately contact the sender and destroy > the > >>material in its entirety, whether in electronic or hard copy format. > Thank > >>you. A1. > >> > >>> > >>> > >>> > >> > > > > > >

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