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Eric Roberts
06/05/2006 08:51 PM

That's just what they have on the there a different one? Eric That hasnt worked for me for awhile, was a diff one ~Dave the disruptor~ It should be like it says on the site. This has always worked before. Eric I ran into this as well before and as it turned out almost all the links were wrong on peoples sites and as soon as the new link was entered it was fine. Of course I forget what that link is now. ~Dave the disruptor~ Something else I just found...last night I went to d/l it and got eclipse installed. Went to get cfeclipse through the recommended process and it said that there were no updates (fresh install of eclipse with no cfeclipse) Was there a prob with the server last night? I ended up just downloading the plugin and adding it manually. Eric I must say I havent touched it, it used to work, I never needed it myself (different deployment process) I want Adobe to release the API to the RDS plugin so I can do more of a team synchronising with RDS servers and the same with FTP. More like how Dreamweaver does it. There are SO many features I am sure people want, if we get more contributors to the project then we can get it done. MD On 4 Jun 2006, at 02:56, Eric Roberts wrote: > I never could get the FTP to work on cfeclipse. I always has to use an > ftp program to upload my files if they were on a remote machine. > Has that been fixed/improved mark? > > Eric > > Ok well there would be more than 13 but the point is just as you say, > they won't be doing something that they lose a ton of money on which > pretty much means there aren't enough people buying it to justify it. > > Personally, I thought setting hs up was a pita kinda like how eclipse > is now and to me they both have similar problems, the main one for me > is that if i am doing css stuff then I gotta upload every change and > then go browse it to see wtf is going on and then I gotta go to a pc > to see how bad ie broke it. > At least in dw it cuts most of that out. > > And ftp is such a problem with both > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > dave wrote: >> And why would Adobe add it? It's done, gone and I doubt they will >> bring it > back for the 13 people who want it. > > I would venture to say that there are quite a bit more than 13 people > that use it. I know of plenty that still love it. But I don't see > Adobe ever restarting development on a non-money making product. > > Rey... > > > > > >

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