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Denny Valliant
06/05/2006 10:27 PM

> > Its still ftp over something.  Just because you send ftp over ssl, ssh, > tls, > or anything else for that matter, it doesn't make the ftp part of it any I'd challenge that, if only because I was checking out the FTP bugs in the eclipse bugzilla, and they explain why it's been lacking.  Maybe you are right tho, and FTP is FTP is FTP, no big deal, passive or no. But I don't think so.  Do you have some back-up for your assumption? Heh. Coming from me, that's funny, I know. [= Ever wonder why some commands are available on some hosts and not others? I think that is part of it, maybe, but my memory is hazy from abuse. :-) Do they make subversion for windows?  I would be willing to try it out for > size. Yes, there is a GREAT utility called tortoiseSVN.  It's AWESOME! Some places get overly anal...possibly rightfully so hehehe...and don't > allow vpn for consultants. Like Rife, they own all that data in your head too. :-)  I get it, that's ok. Downtown, workin for the FBI... so many passports... don't even know my own name... to try and install products they are not familiar with.  As far as backup, > most places I have been have at least daily back-ups...some have had > hourly > backups(incremental of course). It's not just great if you can get it, it's great, period.  It's easy to get.  CVS has been around for aeons.  Blows any type of "backup" system clean out the water.  Hands down, no questions asked.  I can flip through all changes made to any section of code from any point in time, instantly - and what's better, I can compare it against any other code from any other point in time, even right now, and see EXACTLY what's different, all color coded and highlighted and even with a little AI thrown in.  Or over a range of time, even! (do be sure to back up your repository however!!! :) It's simply dabomb, no question, everyone should use/be familiar with [VC]. But those are just opinions, no real facts to back 'em up or whatnot. Zing! (just kidding, sorry I'm such a punk today! Blame Russ ;) Æòȭ :denner

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