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ColdFusion Studio 5

Denny Valliant
06/05/2006 10:34 PM

Here is how to check it out: After that, you should research a little about developing plugins with eclipse. Basically, you edit the code you just checed out, and then try to run it in an eclipse application (via opening the plugin.xml file and clicking on the link that says "run as eclipse app", or "run eclipse app in debug".) In the workspace that launches, assuming it does so without error, you should be running whatever changes you made to the code - just create a .cfm file and edit away and see if your changes do what you want. I'll checkout the wiki when it's up and see if there isn't a page already describing this process. And I meant, blame Dave! yeah, That's it.  Russ is cool. [= :Den > > a guide would be nice > > ~Dave the disruptor~ > > So do I remember correctly that I've read somewhere that CFE is going to > move to using SVN and trac? Maybe somebody can create an easy guide on > starting on developing CFE. I tried in the past but could not figure out > how to make edits. > > Java is not that hard to pick up and I'm sure a decent percertage of > people > on here already know it. If we can organize the community, we can get CFE > to where it needs to be, instead of bitching and moaning that it's missing > our favorite features. > > Russ > > > >

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