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ColdFusion Studio 5

Denny Valliant
06/05/2006 10:59 PM

> > And I wouldn't want you to be unhappy unless you actually wanted to be > unhappy in which case I would be happy for your unhappiness. That just tickles me pink.  Thanks for the consideration Rey. Your logic is impeccable! > Seriously, by then, things will be smoother, and there will be less to > > find dislike with. You'll feel more comfortable, more HS-like stuff > > will be there for you. > > God I can only dream. Make it so #2! Bank on it dude!  I Know how heavy you are into HS. *gigglesnort* CFStudio may evolve more too, play it safe, and wait and see. Or HEY!  You could write up a NEW Coldfusion IDE!!! Sell it and make big bucks! It'll be double-plus good! Maybe Adobe will sell you the old code on the sly, and you can make it so, too! I get pretty silly sometimes.  Sorry for wrecking your thread. :-( It did kind of get into a cfstudio vs. cfeclipse, which you may not have intended, but hey, at least we all know that cfeclipse beats the pants off of cfeclipse, er cfstudio. :-) HA HA cfeclipse WINS!!! "Finish him..." :den I'm REALLY sorry to have gotten so silly, no more, I swear. From now on sole munching is all you'll hear from me, really.

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