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Denny Valliant
06/05/2006 11:52 PM

> FTP is a protocol set by W3C.  Much like any other transfer protocol, you > can "transmit" it over a secure channel.  Is there any difference in the > html for a page that uses http vs. https?  It's all the same transfer > protocol, with an added layer of security from a security protocol or > method  You put together sftp and ftps...remove the still > have good ole plain text insecure ftp. Sort of.  I haven't seen so much trouble using SSH as FTP.  Just because the W3C has a standard, I don't think that makes the real world adhere to the standard. My understanding is that there is a good bit of variation between the different systems implementations of the FTP protocol (directory listing?), and that is one of the reasons the FTP client for Eclipse has been struggling.  It "mostly works" (it's worked for me when I've tried it), but there are a lot of edge cases or some such.  The platform_team group was looking for someone willing to contribute a commercial quality java one, I think.  At any rate, I get the point, transferring data is transferring data.  [= I will look into tortoise once I figure out what the hell Wide Open West is > doing to my internet connection grrrrrrrr TSVN RIZOCKS!  Fo sure.  I wish there was one like it for OS X (although it looks like SVNX is pretty good, iirc).  That would make my lagging comrade get into it quicker, I feel.  Since I can't make DreamWeaver integrate with SVN.... Hrm... Maybe a similar idea of a dumbed down cfeclipse install, but with a dumbed down MyEclipse setup for the wysiwyg...  make the whole transition to eclipse less overwhelming.  I have to say, I was a little lost when I first started using Eclipse (but 3.2 is much better in most reguards), and I was sorta familiar with NetBeans, even.  I should appreciate that fact more. It's easy to take what we know for granted. I do it all the time, and it's a bad habit. Arg. Too many bad habits! :Denny

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