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Mark Drew
06/06/2006 02:47 AM

We have a guide on checking out CFEclipse over at One thing to note is that the username is now "guest" and the   password is blank (but you need to tick the "save password" tick-box   otherwise it keeps prompting you) With regards to editing and developing CFEclipse, I shall post up a   guide (I am sure there is one) on how the whole process works.   Basically you check out the code, set up a debug session and launch a   debug version of CFEclipse, so you have two versions of Eclipse   running, the one you are editing and one that is running showing you   your changes. Once you have made a change that you think is ready/cool/brilliant or   whatever, you can right click on your project do a team -> Create   Patch, which creates a text file that you can send to me. I will then   talk to you about the change, make sure it does what it needs to etc   and check it in on your behalf (adding your name and the issue that   it solves) HTH Mark Drew On 6 Jun 2006, at 02:29, Russ wrote: > So do I remember correctly that I've read somewhere that CFE is   > going to > move to using SVN and trac?  Maybe somebody can create an easy   > guide on > starting on developing CFE.  I tried in the past but could not   > figure out > how to make edits. > > Java is not that hard to pick up and I'm sure a decent percertage   > of people > on here already know it.  If we can organize the community, we can   > get CFE > to where it needs to be, instead of bitching and moaning that it's   > missing > our favorite features. > > Russ > > >

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