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Mark Drew
06/06/2006 02:52 AM

Just so you all know, we use a library for our FTP commands which is   rather nice, but the passive is switched off I think (or on   permanently, cant remember). One thing I might have to add is the FTP command list so that you can   see why it isnt connecting, it has worked fine for me for the servers   that I have used but it sometimes doesnt work with some servers (I am   told) and then I dont really know how to debug since I (obviously)   dont have access to that FTP server!!! Will see what I can do Regards Mark Drew On 6 Jun 2006, at 04:06, Eric Roberts wrote: > I would say the difference in command availability is a ftp server   > configuration issue.  Where commands are not available, that is   > prolly because the sysadmin shut those commands off.  FTP is a   > protocol set by W3C.  Much like any other transfer protocol, you   > can "transmit" it over a secure channel.  Is there any difference   > in the html for a page that uses http vs. https?  It's all the same   > transfer protocol, with an added layer of security from a security   > protocol or method  You put together sftp and ftps...remove the   > still have good ole plain text insecure ftp. > > I will look into tortoise once I figure out what the hell Wide Open   > West is doing to my internet connection grrrrrrrr > > Eric > > >> >> Its still ftp over something.  Just because you send ftp over ssl, >> ssh, tls, or anything else for that matter, it doesn't make the ftp >> part of it any > > > I'd challenge that, if only because I was checking out the FTP bugs   > in the eclipse bugzilla, and they explain why it's been lacking.   > Maybe you are right tho, and FTP is FTP is FTP, no big deal,   > passive or no. > > But I don't think so.  Do you have some back-up for your assumption? > Heh. Coming from me, that's funny, I know. [= > > Ever wonder why some commands are available on some hosts and not   > others? I think that is part of it, maybe, but my memory is hazy   > from abuse. :-) > > Do they make subversion for windows?  I would be willing to try it   > out for >> size. > > > Yes, there is a GREAT utility called tortoiseSVN.  It's AWESOME! > > Some places get overly anal...possibly rightfully so hehehe...and   > don't >> allow vpn for consultants. > > > Like Rife, they own all that data in your head too. :-)  I get it,   > that's ok. > Downtown, workin for the FBI... so many passports... don't even   > know my own name... > > to try and install products they are not familiar with.  As far as   > backup, >> most places I have been have at least daily back-ups...some have had >> hourly backups(incremental of course). > > > It's not just great if you can get it, it's great, period.  It's   > easy to > get.  CVS > has been around for aeons.  Blows any type of "backup" system clean   > out > the water.  Hands down, no questions asked.  I can flip through all   > changes > made to any section of code from any point in time, instantly - and   > what's > better, I can compare it against any other code from any other   > point in > time, > even right now, and see EXACTLY what's different, all color coded and > highlighted and even with a little AI thrown in.  Or over a range   > of time, > even! > (do be sure to back up your repository however!!! :) > > It's simply dabomb, no question, everyone should use/be familiar   > with [VC]. > > But those are just opinions, no real facts to back 'em up or whatnot. > Zing! (just kidding, sorry I'm such a punk today! Blame Russ ;) > > ÆòÈ > :denner > > > > >

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