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sort algorithm

Richard White
11/06/2006 12:32 PM

hi, i was just wondering if there was a sort procedure that i could apply to the following scenario: I have a session array structure as follows: session.project.milestones[milstonePosition].name session.project.milestones[milstonePosition].dateOfCompletion session.project.milestones[milstonePosition].tasks[taskPosition].name session.project.milestones[milstonePosition].tasks[taskPosition].value session.project.milestones[milstonePosition].tasks[taskPosition].dateOfCompletion Therefore a project could have numerous milestones and each milestone has numerous tasks. On 1 interface the user can re-order, add, or delete the milestones, and on another interface the user can re-order, add or delete a milestones tasks. The problem i am having at the moment is figuring out how to correctly reorder the milestones so that the tasks are still be assocaited with the milestone. I have figured out that i just need to re-order the [milestonePosition] and then the milestone will keep all of the tasks and values associated to it. I can probably come up with a sort procedure but just wanted to make sure that i am doing everything to best practise. Also, i was thinking that of course all the ordering, adding and deleting needs to be done on the server so i have got a save button on the client. However, if someone adds a milestone, reorders some of them, and deletes others it it is going to be so hard for me to find out what ones they have deleted, added, re-ordered etc... so would just like some of your thoughts on this and maybe the best way i should be going with this. I will really appreciate any help or advice thanks

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