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Question about looping and the first row in a column

Andy Matthews
02/23/2007 11:42 AM

I'm sure that other people have run into this, but I'm baffled as to why this is happening. I have a query in the variables scope (VARIABLES.GetThisNavigationLocation). I'm looping over this query just like you would normally. Then, inside that loop, I'm looping over another query (VARIABLES.getChangeFrequencies) to build a dynamic dropdown. So for each row in GetThisNavigationLocation, there's a dropdown containing every row in getChangeFrequencies. The problem is that inside the dropdown loop, the cfif seems to be using the value from the very first row in the outer query in it's comparison which results in every dropdown showing the same value, even though when I dump the outer query, the values are clearly different. <cfloop query="VARIABLES.getChangeFrequencies"> <option value="#VARIABLES.getChangeFrequencies.ID#" <cfif VARIABLES.GetThisNavigationLocation.changefreq EQ VARIABLES.getChangeFrequencies.ID>selected</cfif>>#VARIABLES.getChangeFreque ncies.DisplayName#</option> </cfloop> The weird thing comes when I set a temp variable just outside the dropdown loop like so: <cfset tempFreq = VARIABLES.GetThisNavigationLocation.changefreq> When I use that code, and compare to "tempFreq", the code works just fine. Why is this happening? Does anyone have wisdom on this because it's really irritating for me to have to have this extra line of code in here. Anyone? ____________________________________ Andy Matthews Senior Coldfusion Developer Office:  877.707.5467 x747 Direct:  615.627.9747 Fax:  615.467.6249 <>;

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