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Trying to understand the ColdFusion 8 - Net integration

Dawson, Michael
10/02/2007 09:33 AM

Plus, as I recently learned, you don't have to register the DLL with the operating system.  You can point CF8 to the DLL, itself, and CF will find it.  This eliminates the step of having to register DLLs when setting up new servers or when updating the DLLs, themselves. M!ke On Tuesday 02 Oct 2007, wrote: > All, I'm just starting to learn .Net.  I'm trying to grasp the concept > of what .Net assemblies are.  Would it be fair to say that they are like CFCs? AFAICT it's a new name for 'DLL'. > A layman's explanation would be so appreciated.  My boss, who is a > director of Marketing has talked about switching to .Net because it > what some Web agencies are saying we should be using. Well, firstly, marketing thought it up, so it should carry no technical weight. Secondly, obviously you have no .Net knowledge, so it'll take much longer to get anything done even after you've spent all the time and money getting trained up. Thirdly, .Net is never always the right answer, just as CFML is never always the right answer. What do these 'Web agencies' do (or thing you do) that makes them think .Net must be the One True Way ? -- Tom Chiverton Helping to globally deliver transparent communities on:

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