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Trying to understand the ColdFusion 8 - Net integration

Dave Watts
10/02/2007 09:49 AM

> All, I'm just starting to learn .Net.  I'm trying to grasp > the concept of what .Net assemblies are.  Would it be fair to > say that they are like CFCs?  I'm trying to get a comparible > CF analogy. I'm assuming you can't access to lines of logic > within an .Net Web page, but that these .Net assemblies are > compiled dlls or something.  I'm trying to understand exactly > what I can grab from a .Net application. There's a great, simple example right here that should make things clear: > A layman's explanation would be so appreciated.  My boss, who > is a director of Marketing has talked about switching to .Net > because it what some Web agencies are saying we should be using. Are these web agencies going to do your development for you? I suppose they would probably like to. Your director of marketing makes technical decisions about infrastructure? Based on what "some web agencies" tell him? It sounds like you live in a Dilbert strip, or, alternatively, hell. As a partner at a "web agency" myself (whatever that is exactly) I would be happy to tell your boss that he should put down the crack pipe if he thinks it's a good idea to switch from CF to .NET. For what it's worth, it's almost never a good idea to switch from CF to .NET, or vice-versa, if you have any significant investment in application code. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just angling for your money. Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software Fig Leaf Software provides the highest caliber vendor-authorized instruction at our training centers in Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, or on-site at your location. Visit for more information!

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