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Trying to understand the ColdFusion 8 - Net integration

Bruce Sorge
10/02/2007 10:54 AM

I have to agree with you on this Dave. When I was working for in Dallas, we had been using CF for many years. Suddenly, out of the blue they (upper management prodded by a lower manager who had all Microsoft programmers and NO CF programmers on his team, and they were in charge of the new physicians portal) decided that we need to switch to .NET. So not only did we have thousands of man hours invested in the CF stuff, but us CF'ers were forced to learn .NET. Now I have nothing against learning another language, and in fact since they were willing to let me and the others continue working there and learn .NET while getting paid, I did not mind too much. But I look back on this and I wonder why they did that. Everything that the portal does now could have been done in .CF. Many of the CF apps I wrote I personally converted to .NET. I got a first hand look at how much overhead is involved in creating .NET apps as opposed to CF. Once my .NET skills were up to speed, it still took me almost twice as long to re-write the apps in .NET than when I originally did in CF. Bruce >> >> Are these web agencies going to do your development for you? I suppose they >> would probably like to. >> >> Your director of marketing makes technical decisions about infrastructure? >> Based on what "some web agencies" tell him? It sounds like you live in a >> Dilbert strip, or, alternatively, hell. As a partner at a "web agency" >> myself (whatever that is exactly) I would be happy to tell your boss that he >> should put down the crack pipe if he thinks it's a good idea to switch from >> CF to .NET. >> >> For what it's worth, it's almost never a good idea to switch from CF to >> .NET, or vice-versa, if you have any significant investment in application >> code. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just angling for your money. >> >> >>    

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