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Trying to understand the ColdFusion 8 - Net integration

Dave Watts
10/02/2007 01:15 PM

> I realize I have to tread carefully here ... Not on my account! > Since I'm sure to be accused of "just angling for your money" > anyway, let me point out that BlueDragon.NET can be very > effective in helping you migrate from CF to .NET while > preserving your investment in CFML code ... Well, first, you ARE angling for our money! That's your job! And there's nothing wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with "web agencies" telling their clients, or potential clients, that they should use the platform preferred by said web agencies. Everyone's gotta eat. There is, however, a problem with people making uninformed decisions based on what these "web agencies" recommend without any sort of ROI evaluation. That said, your product is not really what I was talking about. I'm constantly hearing people talk about moving from platform X to platform Y, and having to rebuild their applications from scratch accordingly. And, in the vast majority of cases, that's just stupid. It's a bad business decision. For example, there was an article in one of the trade mags a while ago about a company that ported their app from CF to .NET, and then to Java. Now that's just all kinds of dumb. To the extent that your product allows people to preserve their investment in their application code, that's a good thing. To the extent that people have to modify their code when migrating from CF7 to BD.NET (or to CF8), that's a significant cost that people often overlook. Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software Fig Leaf Software provides the highest caliber vendor-authorized instruction at our training centers in Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, or on-site at your location. Visit for more information!

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