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Trying to understand the ColdFusion 8 - Net integration

Tom Chiverton
10/03/2007 04:40 AM

On Tuesday 02 Oct 2007, wrote: >  1. Licensing costs. Some people balk at paying $7500 per CPU pair for CF > Enterprise when ASP.NET is included in Windows at no cost. ASP has less features than CF8. It depends what you use. And of course, if you use CF you can avoid the Microsoft O/S tax. >  2. Performance and realiability. Some people find they get better > performance and realiability of their web applications running .NET rather > than CF. I've never been convinced by this. I think this happens when people switch because they're rewriting the app from scratch, removing all the cruft and sticky plaster. >  3. Developer tools. Some people find that the tools available for ASP.NET > development--especially Visual Studio--are superior to tools available for > CF development. This is probably true. CFEclipse is good, but it's not Flex Builder. >  4. Developer availability. Some people find it's easier to hire trained, > experienced ASP.NET developers than it is to find and hire trained, > experienced CF developers. I agree. We can't seem to get hold of a decent extra one for love or money ! > I realize I have to tread carefully here, so again, I'm not advocating that > anyone should switch from CF to .NET, but am disputing Dave's statement > that, "it's almost never a good idea to switch from CF to .NET" I'd dispute the unqualified version too. -- Tom Chiverton Helping to completely brand viral solutions on: **************************************************** This email is sent for and on behalf of Halliwells LLP. Halliwells LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales under registered number OC307980 whose registered office address is at St James's Court Brown Street Manchester M2 2JF.  A list of members is available for inspection at the registered office.  Any reference to a partner in relation to Halliwells LLP means a member of Halliwells LLP.  Regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority. CONFIDENTIALITY This email is intended only for the use of the addressee named above and may be confidential or legally privileged.  If you are not the addressee you must not read it and must not use any information contained in nor copy it nor inform any person other than Halliwells LLP or the addressee of its existence or contents.   If you have received this email in error please delete it and notify Halliwells LLP IT Department on 0870 365 8008. For more information about Halliwells LLP visit

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