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SeeFusion vs FusionReactor

Peterson, Chris
10/24/2007 11:03 AM

Ben - the integrated server monitor in CF8 was not enough to figure out the errors? (from the admin, check out server monitor on the left) I have FusionReactor on CF7 Ent, and I agree it is much cleaner than the demo I tried of SeeFusion.  I have never had a problem with it. Chris Peterson Gainey IT Adobe Certified Advanced Coldfusion Developer I'm about to invest in one of these, and I'm looking for advice and/or practical experience.  We have several applications running, and we're trying to hunt down the source of site slowdowns.  Is there an overriding reason to pick one over the other? I'm currently leaning toward FusionReactor -- it seems cleaner and easier to use.  It is, of course, a bit more expensive.  Is it worth the extra money? For reference, I'm running CF8 Standard on Win2k3 R2. --Ben Doom

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